Do You Sabotage Your Weight Loss?

You are unable to reach your weight loss or fitness goals. You try every diet. You register for gym membership. You buy the best equipment. Yet you procrastinate. You lose the same 10 pounds over and over again. You are too tired or too busy to shop for healthy foods and you order pizza. You are not lazy and you do have self discipline in other areas. What is going on?

The BIG SECRET – the thing no one wants to tell you – is that if things aren’t coming your way, you DO have someone to blame. The very person standing in your way is YOU!…
None of the self-help work you do will work for you, unless you first find and erase the deeply held beliefs, memories or experiences that are holding you back. This is what I call Subconscious Sabotage.
There is something below the level of your awareness that prevents you from achieving your goal. This subconscious sabotage can come from a variety of reasons. It is, however mostly a result of suppressed negative emotions and imprints
“If it is subconscious” you ask, “How can I find out?”
Instead of spending years on the psychiatrist sofa, you can get into the subconscious in a few seconds. It is that simple. Just interview your body.

The language the body talks is the language is muscle strength. Everything that is true and good for you will strengthen all your muscles, automatically. And vice versa, everything that is not true, that may harm you, will weaken all your muscles. This is a biological thing and the science of kinesiology discovered it more than 50 years ago, except most people never heard about it.

The bottom line is you can use EMT to ask your body what is the best weight for you to lose weight, or what foods should you avoid. But you’ll get unreliable answers, unless you’ll first remove subconscious sabotage to happiness and health. Only once you use my Sabotage Correction Technique (SCT) to remove subconscious sabotage to those, you can proceed with using SCT to remove sabotage to fitness and then separately, to weight loss.
There are a few negative emotions that could possibly sabotage your attempts to lose weight.
Oprah’s sexual molestation has been a public knowledge, as she freely spoke about it. I would be very curious to have the opportunity to muscle test Oprah to see what type of subconscious sabotage she has.
The most common types are related to:

* “I don’t deserve to lose weight” –shame and guilt.”
* “The perpetrator does not deserve that I’ll lose weight”- anger.
* “It is unsafe for me to lose weight” – fear of being attractive and end up again as a sexual object.One of my patients had a weak muscle when she made the statement:
* “My father deserves that I’ll find my ideal weight.”

We found out that when she was 11 her parents separated for a few months and she stayed with her father. He was too busy and very frugal and often there was not enough food in the house and she went to school with no breakfast, and sometimes was hungry throughout the day.
Now she is about to get married and cannot stop eating, even though she cannot fit into her wedding dress anymore. She discovered through muscle testing that she not only subconsciously wanted to punish her father, who bought this expensive wedding dress, but that she was not really sure she wanted to go through this wedding, as her fiancé was as frugal as her father.

This brings us to appreciate that sometimes subconscious sabotage has some valid message.
If the muscle is weak when you state: “It is safe for me to find my ideal weight”- it means that you have subconscious fears.
A patient of mine, for example found out through EMT that her fear was a result of the fact that when she was five years old, her grandma died of cancer. Before she died she lost a lot of weight and looked like a skeleton. In this person’s subconscious there was an equation: “Losing weight equals sickness and death.” Once we used SCT to remove the sabotage, she was able to lose weight quickly and easily.

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