My Master Cleanse Experience – Weight Loss 14 lbs. in 10 Days

When I first read about the Master Cleanse, I must admit I was skeptical. Having studied nutrition at length, I had concerns about the fast weight loss. First, I was concerned that the length of time without food would cause my digestive track confusion and perhaps interfere with its proper functioning following the cleanse. Although my overall reason for wanting to do the cleanse was much more than just weight loss, I was still concerned that the fast weight loss would present a large possibility that I would gain the weight back once the cleanse was over.

Now, having completed the Master Cleanse successfully, I can say with all sincerity that it was one of the best decisions I have made with respect to my physical and psychological health. Not only did I drop 14 lbs. in a mere 10 days, but more importantly I was able to cleanse the toxic waste that has been accumulating in my colon since birth and gain more energy, vitality and an overall feeling of well-being.

Sugary and processed foods cause fecal waste to accumulate in our digestive tract, as well as stress, nicotine (both direct and second hand), air pollutants, alcohol, caffeine, and many other external conditions and items. This fecal waste is a breeding ground for bacteria and parasites and can interrupt our blood flow, rob us of vital energy and is the source of many digestive problems, diseases, fatigue, mood swings and several other health issues. Just imagine what years of these external and internal influences have done to your digestive tract!


The Master Cleanse, aka the Lemonade Cleanse is extremely inexpensive and 100% natural. It consists of purified water mixed with lemon juice, Grade B Organic Maple Syrup (the real stuff), and Cayenne Pepper. That’s it. With the exception of a few cups of herbal tea during the day, this mixture is the only thing consumed for 10 days, at approximately 8-12 glasses. These three ingredients contain everything your body needs to sustain itself through the fast.

The first few days of the fast are the most difficult. The Master Cleanse demands planning and commitment in order to be successful. I purchased the e-book guide œThe Refresh Button which was well worth its nominal investment. The book guided me through the entire process step by step, provided inspiration along the way to keep me going during the difficult moments. The facts and FAQ’€™s answered all of my questions as they arose, including nutritional facts about the ingredients of the mixture, how to get through the most difficult days, what to expect, and what specific supplements can be taken to ensure the body is getting everything it needs yet won’t interfere with the cleanse. The book also offers a Ease-in and Ease-Out diet which I believe is crucial to safely and successfully starting and completing the cleanse.

The Master Cleanse was my first €œcleanse experience and was by no means easy. The first day I did not experience a lot of hunger because the lemonade mixture really does curb the physical hunger, however I did get a headache and experienced some nausea. The headache was likely a caffeine withdrawal. The second day I had a very minor headache and the mental desire for food was fairly strong and frustrating. However, after about the third or fourth day my body merged into fast mode and it became quite effortless after that. I did not experience any headaches or side effects at that point and the only battle I endured was an occasional desire to eat something, not because I was hungry but because I’m programmed to eat. This was very significant because it was during that time that I achieved mastery over my body and desires which is a skill I can use to improve every area of my life. I actually considered continuing the Master Cleanse for a few more days, but because this was my first cleanse, I decided to play it safe and just complete the 10 days at this point. I plan to continue doing the cleanse about twice a year.


During the 10 day fast, my colon was able to rest and repair itself while purging the waste from its walls which left me feeling amazing. Not only did I feel very light and free, but I also noticed that there is a significant improvement in my overall attitude and outlook on life.

At the completion of the Master Cleanse I immediately knew my relationship with food had changed. I am now completely in control and conscious of what I put in my body and I naturally gravitate toward healthy foods and away from unhealthy foods. I feel less burdened €“lighter. I can go on and on about the positive benefits of this cleanse such as having more clarity, better focus and significantly increased energy.

Waking up in the morning is effortless. There is no struggle to get out of bed or a need for an additional €œ10 minutes€ of snooze time. My digestive system seems to flow effortlessly which keeps my energy up and my colon happy. Other toxins were expelled from my body during the Master Cleanse including skin toxins, causing my skin to look much healthier.

My weight loss was a combination of fat, water and largely intestinal waste. Not only was I able to shed the weight rather quickly, but not eating solid food for 10 days was truly an enlightening and life changing experience. It was literally able to break any food addictions I may have had, both physical and mental, as well as create a stronger connection with my higher self.


Since the Master Cleanse I have not gained any weight back, in fact, I am continuing to lose weight through healthy eating and exercise. Because I changed my relationship with food during the Master Cleanse, the continued weight loss is quite effortless. I no longer feel that I am being deprived by not eating sweets or other goodies€ that aren’t so good. Contrarily, I feel turned off by goodies because I now see the big picture as opposed to the immediate pleasure of taste and how what is perceived as pleasure now will ultimately cause pain€“ overweight and poor health.

Not everyone will be interested in losing additional weight after they complete the Master Cleanse and their weight can be maintained by simply maintaining a healthy caloric intake of approximately 2000 calories per day. This of course varies for each individual person based on a variety of factors, such as size, age, metabolic rate, etc.

In addition to all of the benefits I’ve described above, I certainly feel younger and have more vitality. My overall appearance is more youthful and healthier.

Most importantly, be safe, be healthy and be well.

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